“Charlotte, I need my pills!” He exclaimed. His throat was coarse and the words hurt him but when he heard no reply, he forced out another few syllables, “Pills, Dammit!” As always, there was nothing but darkness; and he was used to it. In fact, being blind had helped to hone his other senses, to […]

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If you know me personally, one character trait you will definitely attribute to me is how talkative I am. Hell, the original name of this blog was “Ramblesfromtheoverthinker” and my daily journals folder is labeled “Rambles.” Frankly, yes, I talk a lot. Now I could waste time talking about my ADD, or delve into my […]

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Oh god, he’s writing a horror story! Don’t run away just yet. As you might have noticed, I like to keep my titles vague. This blog is more for me than anyone else, so in the words of Cartman, “I do what I want!” That said, no, this won’t be a ramble about exorcisms and […]

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Peace Bonds

Alright, alright, alright! So here’s a story that actually doesn’t involve me for once, but damn is it ever some DRAMA. No names will be used but if you know me you might be able to figure it out. Dun Dunnnnn. Grab your popcorn, and prepare for legit rage if you are a mother. One […]

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Journey or Destination?

Let me ask you something. Prepare yourself, it might be one of those types of questions you avoid answering like the plague… but bear with me. What kind of person are you? No, I don’t mean are you a dog or cat person (#DogLife), or what kind of car you drive, or do you have […]

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So here’s the sitch! Once upon a time I met this girl at college. We hit it off pretty quickly and eventually became best friends! Pretty quickly we were spending every day and night together and our bond only grew from there. We weren’t overly passionate in the lovemaking department for multiple reasons, many of […]

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I’m being Vague with the title. This is not about self worth, or finances, or anything like that. I’ve been thinking over the last couple years of “enjoying” the single life and I’ve begun to ask myself a question: Are Serious Relationships worth it? Now, now. Don’t get all defensive if you are in a […]

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Life Goes On – Kingdom Vol.1

I’d seen her face many times since over the last few months, and even without digitally scanning her, I could tell the bartender was completely natural – no genetic modification, no tech-work, not even a little bit of plastic surgery! Grade-A, run of the mill, human being! She was Beautiful, with long dark hair, a […]

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Easy (2016)

It’s easy to move on, When you force yourself to forget; When the one you love is gone, Acting like you’d never met   She’s living a new life, One without you in her thoughts and mind, One with much less internal strife, One where she’s much more kind   Because you’re not there to […]

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Rodger sits quietly beside his single bed, wrapped tightly in his Spiderman blanket with his arms free so he can play with his toys while not having to worry about being cold. Well, his hands can feel the chill slightly but it’s worth it – the battle between Optimus Prime and Spawn is coming to […]

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